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Operating Lines of Credit

Manage your cash flow more effectively with a line you can access instantly. Our rates are competitive, and your line is available to pay down and use again as you need it.

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Ag Loans

From crop input and equipment purchase financing to land purchases, we have the experience you need to help your operation thrive.

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Commercial Real Estate and Construction Loans

We’re experts in the commercial real estate arena, whether it’s owner-occupied property or a secondary market loan, and that means we’ll put the most attractive package together for you, taking into consideration your entire financial picture. Whether you’re purchasing or refinancing, we’ll work hard to design the customized plan that works for you.

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Term Loans

Finance that new truck, computer system, company vehicle, or business expansion, and conserve cash flow.

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Business Visa® Credit Card

Our business credit cards provide you with the convenience, flexibility and worldwide acceptance of Visa.  Choose from two business credit card options: the Visa Business card is for companies with up to 50 employees, and the Visa Corporate card is for companies with 50 or more employees. 

  • No annual fee (as long as you use your card annually)
  • Credit line up to $25,000
  • Automatic and online payment availability

Subject to credit approval.

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