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Account Fee Schedule

Common Features

Limits and Fees - The following fees may be assessed against your account. The following transaction limitations may apply to your account

Account Balancing Assistance $25.00/hour (1 hour minimum)
Account Research $50.00/hour (1 hour minimum)
ATM Cards $2.00/month
Bill Pay-Consumer Free 10 bill pays/month/customer.
Each additional bill pay $1.00.
Bill Pay-Business

$4.95/month. Includes 20 payments 

per month. Each additional bill pay $0.50

Business Daily Overdrafts -
(Applies to Business Checking Accounts)
(one business day delay)
$0.01-$1,499.99 $5.00/day
$1500-$9,999.99 $15.00/day
Over $10,000 $25.00/day
Cashier's Check* $10.00/ per check
Check Printing Depends on order
Closing Fee (If within six months of opening) $25.00 per account
Currency/Coin Orders $1 per $100/$0.10 per roll
Dormant Fee: Checking - inactive 6 months
Savings - inactive 18 months
(Kids Club & Student excluded)
Money Market - inactive 13 months
$5.00/statement cycle if below $500 balance
$5.00/month if below $100 balance

$5.00/statement cycle if below $1,500 balance
Garnishments $50.00/ per garnishment
Imaged checks returned in statement* $3.00/per statement cycle check images fee
Levies $50.00/ per levy
Money Orders* $5.00/ per check
Nonsufficient Funds (each item returned) Created by
check, in person, ATM, debit withdrawal or other electronic means.
$32.00/ per item
Notary Fee* $5.00 per item notarized
Overdraft – created by check, in person, ATM, debit
withdrawal or other electronic means.
$32.00/ per item with maximum of $192.00
Photo Debit Card** $10.00/card
Pop Money Transfers $0.50 per transaction
Mobile Deposit $0.50 per transaction
Replace ATM/Debit Card $10.00/card
Return of Deposited Item $7.50/item
Safe Deposit Box Drill/Lost Key $150 per occurrence
Stop Payments $25.00/ per stop payment
Transaction History/Additional Statements $2.00/request
Transfer Fee (Automatic due to balance) $5.00/transfer
Wire Transfers:


$5.00 per incoming wire
$25.00 per outgoing wire
$15.00 per incoming wire
$50.00 per outgoing wire

Some checking fees will be subject to the Iowa State Sales Tax
*Free with Peoples Relationship Rewards Checking and Ag Rewards Checking
**Free with Peoples Relationship Rewards Checking, Ag Rewards Checking, Peoples NOW and Peoples Portfolio