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What is Secure email?

PTSBs Secure email is the best way to electronically send your confidential information (account numbers, tax ID numbers, financial information etc,) to us. Never send confidential information by standard email since it is not a secure communication channel. Standard email is not encrypted and travels in plain text format across many networks before reaching its final destination. The security of the information contained in standard email cannot be guaranteed. Standard email should NOT be used to send confidential information.

How do I send a Secure email?

To send a Secure email to PTSB, simply click on the Secure email link on our website ( The Secure email login screen will appear and you will be prompted to enter your email address and your personal password that you have created. You then click on “compose” and write your message to create a Secure email. If you do not already have a Secure email account, you will be able to create one from here.

How does Secure email work?

When PTSB sends a Secure email message to you, it is held at a secure data center. At the same time, a notification message is sent to you by standard email to tell you that a Secure email message is waiting for you. This notification message will contain a link to a secure website. Click on the link, log into the secure web site, and retrieve your message.

How do I create an account?

The first time you access Secure email, you will be promoted to create an account. You will need to supply a valid email address and password to establish your account. You will receive a confirmation at the email address you entered. You will need to click the link in this email to complete the account set up and begin using your Peoples Bank Secure email account. You will use your password each time you log into the PTSB email Message Center.

Our Commitment to You:

With security issues as forefront, PTSB has implemented ZixCorp secure email solutions to protect our email communications, ensuring all personally identifiable financial information remains confidential. We pride ourselves in customer service and believe this new feature will provide both safety and convenience.